About Us

The Internet and computer industry is expanding beyond all expectations. This is an exciting time when new techniques and technologies are developed daily.

This also creates a problem.

Because of the rapidly changing industry, products and services become obsolete and outdated quite quickly.

Allsis was established early in the year 2000 to offer consumers an alternative to the dishonest and misleading companies that sell products and services to their customers that are unnecessary, outdated, and overpriced. We feel that a customer should not have to consult a friend, relative or cousin to determine if they are getting a "good deal" or something that is good for them.

We encourage all consumers to shop around and ask questions before making any purchasing or contracting decisions. Remember that industry competition is a good thing because it is supposed to keep the prices down and the service quality high.

This leads us back to our niche in the industry.
We at Allsis are dedicated to breaking the price and customer service barrier by providing services that make our competitors loose sleep at night. If "the other guys" really have the best deal going then why don't they encourage you to shop around before you spend money?

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